UEFA Euro 2024 Team Croatia Squad

The Hrvatski Nogometni Savez, founded in 1912 and entering FIFA in 1992, proudly presents the Croatian national football squad for the UEFA Euro 2024. With an average height of 1.83m and an average age of 27.1 in 2023, Croatia brings a blend of experience and youthful flair to the European stage. Under the guidance of Coach Zlatko Dalić, born on 1966-10-26 in Livno, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the team is poised to showcase their footballing prowess.

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Zlatko Dalić

Coach Zlatko Dalić, born on 1966-10-26 in Livno, Bosnia & Herzegovina, has led the team in 10 matches, maintaining a perfect record of 10/0. His strategic brilliance and wealth of experience position him as the maestro orchestrating Croatia’s football symphony.

Squad Overview


  • Dominik Livaković (1/9/1995)

Centre Backs

  • Josip Šutalo (2/28/2000)
  • Joško Gvardiol (1/23/2002)
  • Martin Erlić (1/24/1998)
  • Domagoj Vida (4/29/1989)

Full Backs

  • Josip Stanišić (4/2/2000)
  • Josip Juranović (8/16/1995)
  • Borna Barišić (11/10/1992)
  • Borna Sosa (1/21/1998)


Attacking Midfielders

  • Marcelo Brozović (11/16/1992)
  • Luka Ivanušec (11/26/1998)
  • Lovro Majer (1/17/1998)
  • Nikola Vlašić (10/4/1997)
  • Martin Baturina (2/16/2003)

Defensive and Central Midfielders

  • Luka Modrić (9/9/1985)
  • Mateo Kovačić (5/6/1994)
  • Mario Pašalić (2/9/1995)
  • Luka Sučić (9/8/2002)

Left and Right Midfielders

  • Ivan Perišić (2/2/1989)
  • Marco Pašalić (9/14/2000)


  • Left Winger Trio: Josip, Marko, and Dion Drena
    • Josip Brekalo (6/23/1998)
    • Marko Livaja (8/26/1993)
    • Dion Drena Beljo (3/1/2002)


  • Centre Forward Trio: Andrej, Petar, and Bruno
    • Andrej Kramarić (6/19/1991)
    • Petar Musa (3/4/1998)
    • Bruno Petković (9/16/1994)
  • Additional Forwards
    • Ante Budimir (7/22/1991)


Croatia’s UEFA Euro 2024 squad is a harmonious ensemble, combining seasoned campaigners and rising talents under the baton of Coach Zlatko Dalić. The Croatian team, known for their resilience and skill, is ready to leave a lasting impression on the European stage. As they step onto the field, Croatia aims not just for victory but to showcase the rich footballing tradition that has made them a force to be reckoned with.

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