How to Watch NFL games in Italy for Free (ITV or DAZN)

NFL is undoubtedly one of the most watched sports events globally, especially in the US. Over time, the popularity of this amazing sport is spreading all over Europe. Many people in the UK watch the NFL regular season and the Super Bowl LVIII even if they have to pay a lot to online streaming apps. Fans in Italy always try to find out ways to live stream the NFL online.

Before heading to the guide, I believe you will be any of the two type of audience. One is the US audience traveling to Italy for recreation or the other is the permanent residents to Italy.

No matter who you are there is always a unique way to livestream NFL Regular Season games online in Italy.

How to Watch NFL Games Online in Italy For Free

Here are the steps you must follow if you want to watch NFL regular season games for free:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (If you are willing to catch the games for free, subscribe first and then claim the 30-days money-back guarantee). It means that you will need to- pay some amount upfront which you can claim on the 29th day of use.
  2. After subscribing, launch the VPN and choose the UK-based server. ExpressVPN have a lot of UK servers enabling you to watch out-of-the-market games within and outside the US.
  3. Once you set your location to the UK server, sign in to any of the already subscribed app. Like if you are from the UK, you would already have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video or ITV Hub.
  4. Go to the official NFL broadcaster in the UK and stream the game live!

In short, here is the equation to live stream NFL in Italy for free.

ExpressVPN (30-Days Money Back Guarantee) + Free Trail of ITV Hub (Because it has the longest of 14 Days)

NFL on ITV Hub

if you are failed in getting enough channels to live stream your favorite NFL games, you can subscribe to ITV Hub which is a UK official broadcaster of this great US event. ITV provides the ideal platform for streaming NFL 2023 online for free. When paired with ExpressVPN, you can avail the ITV free trial and enjoy uninterrupted viewing of NFL Games 2023 in Italy on ITV.

But you can only watch Friday and Saturday night football on ITVX.

Sunday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video

Since most of the NFL games are scheduled on Sunday night, so, if you are only looking to watch Sunday games, you must go for Amazon Prime Video; which is the official broadcaster of Sunday Night NFL games in the UK. To unblock in Italy, you must have to change you IP by subscribing to a VPN.

Can I watch NFL in Italy on the BBC iPlayer

As I mentioned above, you may be an expat from abroad in Italy. Who knows if you belong to UK. In that case, you will be looking to watch the NFL matches on UK broadcaster. BBC Sport is the UK broadcaster of NFL. But it won’t work in Italy as it is geo-blocked. To watch NFL matches on BBC iPlayer, you must follow the same steps of subscribing to the VPN, changing your location to UK server, signing in to BBC iPlayer and enjoying live NFL streaming instantly.

Can I Watch NFL for Free in Italy

Frankly speaking, there is a cost of everything. If you want to watch the games for free, you have to invest some time and look for the free streaming ways as I mentioned above. In the method I mentioned above, you have to pay upfront so your amount will be bound for at least 29 days.

Additionally, while availing the free trail of a certain streaming app, you need to put your card credentials in the first place. If, for some reason, you forget to detach the card, your money will be deducted automatically.

Disadvantages of Watching NFL for Free in Italy

First of all, you can’t watch every NFL pre-season match online in Italy for free. NFL Regular season lasts for months, while no streaming app offers you a trail period of more than 14-Days (only YoutubeTV do so).

Secondly, the free methods may cost you more in a long term. For example, suppose you get a money-back guarantee package of ExpressVPN and meanwhile, the policy of the company changes.

Thirdly, free methods are always low quality and have limited options; you can’t watch the matches in 4K or on various devices like Roku, AppleTV and Firestick.

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